What's happening in the US - October 21 2014
IBM Sets Announcement on Monday, Possibly on Chip-Making Unit

Analysts say the most likely possibility is that it has a deal in its long-running effort to shed its computer chip manufacturing operations.


2014-10-19 23:35:37 Google's Money Machine Slows

Google’s search-advertising business, the money machine that made the company one of the world’s most valuable, may be slowing as alternatives grab more marketing dollars.


2014-10-19 00:35:05 Experience the true existential madness of automated customer service

You've made those calls. You've pressed 2 for Spanish. And you've waited till eternity. This new video exists to tell you that you aren't alone.


2014-10-18 18:16:10 Apple has big ambitions for tablet sales with iPad Mini

Apple is counting on the $249 iPad Mini to draw you into its stores. But it's hoping you end up buying a $499 iPad Air instead.


2014-10-18 17:45:45 HBO may price online-only subscription service at $15 a month

HBO's plans to bring its programming to Internet users via a Netflix-style streaming service may cost as much as bundling it with a cable package, according to a report.


2014-10-18 17:42:58 New iPad Lets Users Swap Data Plans

With minimal trumpeting, Apple revealed in its promotional material that it will ship new iPads with a built-in cellular SIM card that will let users buy wireless service à la carte, on the spot.


2014-10-18 12:21:57 Dreamforce 2014: Silicon Valley’s Thirst to Transcend Bits and Bytes

The world’s biggest software expo ended Thursday night--though conference may not be the right word.


2014-10-17 23:32:57 Review: Mac OS X Yosemite

With the release of the Mac’s free OS X Yosemite update, Apple is finally getting its devices to behave like a real, happy family—a family that not only talks to each other but even looks very much alike, Joanna Stern writes.


2014-10-17 13:20:38 FBI director demands access to private cell phone data

To stop terrorists and other criminals, cell phones should have encryption backdoors to enable US government surveillance, argues FBI Director James Comey.


2014-10-17 03:41:30 U.S. to Up Security for Government-Issued Debit Cards

President Barack Obama will announce on Friday that the federal government will boost security for government-issued debit cards, according to people familiar with the matter.


2014-10-17 02:24:42 Google looks to test ultra-high-speed wireless Net technology

Google is seeking permission to test a high-speed Internet service that could be in your home before Fiber.


2014-10-17 02:04:05 Photo-sharing site Twitpic to shut down after all

After announcing it had found a mystery buyer, the company again announces its plan to shut down at the end of the month.


2014-10-17 01:05:22 Phone Use for Photos and Videos Is Increasing, Report Finds

The Commerce Department reported that in 2012, for the first time, more than half of mobile phone users over 25 used their phone for taking photos or video.


2014-10-17 00:30:25 Facebook Adds Tool to Tell Friends You’re Safe During Natural Disasters

Facebook has launched a tool that allows users to let people tell friends they are not in danger during natural disasters and times of crisis.


2014-10-16 23:08:58 Google’s Results Disappoint on Slowdown in Paid Clicks – Recap

Google's results disappointed as the search giant spent heavily on hiring and building data centers. Our live blog is under way.


2014-10-16 22:45:58 Meet Apple's new Macs (pictures)

Apple announced at the Apple Live event today two new Macs: a 27-inch iMac with a 5K Retina Display and a new Mac Mini with faster processors and other upgrades.


2014-10-16 22:24:48 Alibaba’s Alipay Turns to Faces, Fingerprints for Security

To bolster security of mobile payments, Alibaba's Alipay affiliate is focusing on technologies that use biological features -- like fingerprints and faces -- to identify users.


2014-10-16 09:16:13 Amazon to Hire 80,000 Holiday Workers

Amazon plans to hire 80,000 seasonal workers for its warehouse network in the U.S., representing a 14% increase from last year as the company brings its massive distribution facilities closer to urban centers.


2014-10-16 05:01:05 Accessibility Claims Expected Over Websites

Businesses should brace for a new crop of so-called “accessibility” lawsuits alleging that their commercial websites fail to comply with federal disabled-access law, lawyers say.


2014-10-16 03:18:38 EBay's PayPal Segment Keeps Growing

EBay reported growth at its PayPal electronic-payments business continued to outpace its core marketplace segment as the e-commerce giant prepares to split.


2014-10-16 02:31:39 Cop cracks woman's iPad passcode to rescue her after crash

After a driver's OnStar alert system reportedly gives police inaccurate locations for a crash, the local department's tech geek thinks fast, breaks into the driver's iPad at her home and finds her via an Apple app.


2014-10-16 01:44:28 Reddit Debuts an Official Mobile App

After nearly 10 years, a popular online messaging board focuses on its mobile efforts.


2014-10-16 00:30:14 Netflix on HBO's Web-only service: It's inevitable, sensible

Netflix, which views HBO as its primary long-term competitor, believes consumers will subscribe to both online services.


2014-10-15 22:10:54 ​Apple leaks the new iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3

Screenshots appear in the iTunes Store showing the two new devices with the addition of a Touch ID fingerprint scanner.


2014-10-15 21:17:35 All-You-Can-Text Therapy Services

For a flat fee, online-therapy services, like BetterHelp and Talkspace, let you chat about your woes to your psyche’s content


2014-10-15 19:46:05 A Bluetooth-Enabled Cure for Slouching at Work?

Your backside is a treasure trove of untapped data. So says one Korean tech company pushing a new device that promises to tackle the woes of bad sitting habits.


2014-10-15 09:49:27 Intel Posts Improved Results

Intel’s profit rose 12% on a 7.9% increase in revenue. The company’s numbers included surprising indicators for sales of PC chips, a market it dominates.


2014-10-15 03:22:50 Yahoo hires new ad sales head from Washington Post

After ousting COO Henrique de Castro in January, the Internet giant is bringing on the venerable newspaper's former chief revenue officer.


2014-10-15 02:39:36 3D-printed heart saves baby's life

Doctors have saved the life of a newborn baby with the aid of a 3D printed model that helped them plan his heart surgery.


2014-10-15 01:19:05 Ampy: Motion-powered backup battery stores kinetic energy

Forget plugging in. Ampy stores up battery power by converting your movements into energy so you can charge your gadgets with the power of motion.


2014-10-15 00:11:04
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