What's happening in the US - October 25 2014
Will Free Data Become The Next Free Shipping?

Services that offer users data or pay data costs for visiting websites, signing up for free trials or watching movie trailers from smartphones or tablets are gaining traction.


2014-10-24 12:31:59 Apple's Ex-Retail Chief Readies Service for Web Shoppers

Ron Johnson, who helped build Apple’s successful retail stores before a troubled stint as J.C. Penney CEO, is readying a well-funded startup that aims to help online shoppers find the right products.


2014-10-24 04:15:35 Uncool Microsoft Is Hot Once Again

Microsoft’s sales continue to defy expectations by growing at a much faster clip than those of its business-technology peers.


2014-10-24 03:50:17 Ello Raises $5.5 Million for Social Network, Promises No Ads or Selling User Data

The startup filed to be a public benefit corporation, a designation that bakes specific operating principles and guidelines into the company’s legal charter.


2014-10-23 23:43:43 Microsoft Q1 profit falls 13 percent, weighed down by Nokia unit

In its second quarter after acquiring Nokia, Microsoft is paying the price for layoffs even as its other divisions continue to grow.


2014-10-23 23:39:51 Pandora Q3 profit climbs, despite slower listener growth

The Web's biggest streaming-music service delivers an increase in profit, sales and its expectations for both to come. But active-listener growth kept up its slow slide, distracting investors.


2014-10-23 23:21:31 Scientists unveil weirdest dinosaur ever seen

Paleontologists have dug up the rest of a dinosaur whose long arms were found in the '60s. The rest makes it surely the strangest looking creature ever.


2014-10-23 22:38:00 U.S. Web Firms' Expansion Leaves Germans Conflicted

Amazon.com said it would launch web-hosting services in Germany, pushing deeper into a country that has been openly hostile to U.S. Internet firms.


2014-10-23 22:07:49 Daily Report: Apple’s Device Integration May Seduce You for Keeps

Apple has succeeded in ensuring that its phones, tablets and computers work seamlessly together. You might never leave.


2014-10-23 11:07:28 Target offers free holiday shipping, wish lists for the first time

The increasing reach of Amazon has brick-and-mortar retailers changing their game plans. The latest is Target, who for the first time is offering free shipping.


2014-10-23 03:12:45 Time for Amazon to Turn the Page

Ahead of the Tape: Amazon’s share price has recovered from its tumble after the Fire phone’s flop, but recent weakness suggests investors are running out of patience.


2014-10-23 01:41:10 Twitter Offers Tool, Digits, to Sign In to Apps With Just a Phone Number

The social network unveiled a tool that software developers can use to let people more easily log on to smartphone apps.


2014-10-23 00:08:35 Vintage Apple computer built by Woz sells for whopping $750,000

One of the 50 original Apple-1 computers built by Steve Wozniak himself goes for three quarters of a million dollars at auction.


2014-10-22 23:54:37 Groupon Channels Yelp with New Listings Service

In its quest to be a central repository for local business listings, Groupon on Wednesday unveiled a new section on its website it calls Pages. It’s essentially a Yelp clone, with details like phone numbers, operating hours and website URLs for what Groupon says are seven million businesses.


2014-10-22 21:30:25 Google Wants Inbox to Be Your Email System for the Next Decade

Google has created a new app for people to manage their overflowing inboxes.


2014-10-22 18:00:29 Coming of Age in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing, particularly in the big rental businesses of Microsoft and Amazon, has been criticized as undependable and tough to manage. A number of recent announcements suggest that some companies are trying to address the issue.


2014-10-22 08:00:19 Google endorses a simpler way to secure your data

Even the strongest passwords can be hacked, which is why Google urges users to adopt two-step authentication. A new USB drive makes it easier for users to safeguard their data.


2014-10-22 02:33:03 Windows 10 Technical Preview updated, boasts 7,000 changes and fixes

The latest Build of the Windows 10 Technical Preview is now ready to download.


2014-10-22 00:13:02 Flying car crashes and burns in Florida

Police in Marion County say two people were hurt after a Maverick flying car crashed and caught fire.


2014-10-21 23:29:46 Yahoo’s Alibaba IPO Riches: $6.3 Billion

Yahoo's official haul from the Alibaba IPO: $6.3 billion. Now the question is what it will do with all that money.


2014-10-21 22:17:56 Apple's Tim Cook on iPhone's wins, iPad's woes

On a call with analysts, Apple CEO explains why the company's smartphone is doing well but its tablet isn't.


2014-10-21 19:40:10 Google offers guide to help iOS users switch to Android

Designed for iPhone and iPad users, the new Switch website explains everything from transferring photos and music to setting up email and messaging.


2014-10-21 19:27:59 Apple Pay Threatens a Competing Approach to Simplifying Payments

Apple Pay went live this week, casting a shadow over the future of cash and credit cards—and of two young companies called Coin and Plastc.


2014-10-21 17:25:51 How Big Data Is Tracking City Life

Researchers are bringing big data into the public sphere, aiming to improve quality of life, save money, and understand cities in ways that weren’t possible only a few years ago.


2014-10-21 13:21:39 Daily Report: Chasing Marty McFly’s Hoverboard

For the last 25 years, garage tinkerers, physics professors and top engineers at Google have been trying to make one.


2014-10-21 11:29:02 IBM Faces Another Overhaul

IBM, two decades after successfully shifting its emphasis to software and computer services from hardware, is showing signs of needing another overhaul.


2014-10-21 11:02:58 For Microsoft, Cloud Business Looks More Promising Than Mobile

Despite being a laggard in cloud computing, Microsoft has established real credibility, and now runs twice as many data centers as Amazon and six times as many as Google.


2014-10-21 05:51:22 Microsoft CEO ​Nadella: Company has no pay gap between men, women

Microsoft chief Satya Nadella pushes new services from the world's largest software maker. But his controversial comments on women in tech earlier this month remain a focus of attention.


2014-10-21 02:55:25 Could robots aid in the Ebola fight?

The White House will co-host a November workshop exploring the use of robots to help minimize human contact with the fast-spreading virus.


2014-10-21 00:54:55 Yahoo CEO to Refresh Turnaround Plan

Yahoo chief Marissa Mayer will seek to fend off a challenge from activist investor Starboard this week by detailing her plan for turning around the struggling Internet business.


2014-10-20 19:19:52
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