What's happening in the US - July 23 2014
Apple Readies Bet on Big-Screen Phones

Apple is preparing for its largest initial production run of iPhones this year, betting that 4.7- and 5.5-inch screens will lure consumers now attracted to similar phones from Samsung and others.


2014-07-22 13:44:27 Verizon tops Q2 expectations as tablet demand drives growth

The company adds 1.15 million new tablets in the period, offsetting a slowdown in smartphone growth.


2014-07-22 13:07:33 Stealthy Web tracking tools pose increasing privacy risks to users

Three stealthy tracking mechanisms designed to avoid weaknesses in browser cookies pose potential privacy risks to Internet users, a new research paper has concluded.


2014-07-22 12:35:37 Google may turn NYC phone booths into Wi-Fi hubs

The search giant is among many companies in the running to bring New York City's phone booths back to technological relevance.


2014-07-22 02:48:18 Goodwill Investigating Possible Theft of Credit Card Data

An unusually high number of fraudulent purchases tied to cards used at its thrift stores led authorities to contact Goodwill on Friday about a possible data breach.


2014-07-22 02:26:39 Mobile-Ad Spending Leaps

Spending on mobile ads is expected to jump 83% this year, but given how much time Americans spend on their devices, mobile-ad spending could be much higher.


2014-07-22 02:18:40 iOS devices are still safe -- from everybody except Apple and the NSA

Forensic researcher Jonathan Zdziarski has outlined details of how undocument


2014-07-21 20:32:34 VMware dangles dollars for mobile, apps, and virtualization migration

VMware's newest offering isn't a product so much as an escape hatch.


2014-07-21 19:49:16 'Cloud Atlas' author publishes short story using Twitter

Author David Mitchell has released a new short story called "The Right Sort" piecemeal, less than 140 characters at a time.


2014-07-21 12:40:49 Daily Report: Keeping Data Secure Is One Tough Job

To combat the growing threat of online breaches, companies and governments are hiring chief information security officers — executives whose main responsibility is to make sure data systems are secure.


2014-07-21 11:17:23 Oracle, Mirantis team up to grab Red Hat's OpenStack crown

The OpenStack world has been watching Red Hat with unease as the Linux vendor has transformed itself into a Linux-and-OpenStack vendor


2014-07-21 11:00:00 Twitter Seeks Boost From Overseas Users

Executive Shailesh Rao discusses social media giant's revenue plan in emerging markets, benefits of yoga.


2014-07-21 04:29:52 Why Windows needs a Start menu

Commentary: The Windows 8 Start screen does offers certain benefits, but the good, old-fashioned Start menu is still the best way to access all your programs and settings.


2014-07-20 12:00:05 Scoop: 'Next Big Thing' for Samsung's US mobile team: A move to the East Coast

The relocation brings Samsung Telecommunications America closer to the company's TV, appliance, and other electronics businesses, but it's causing some employee departures.


2014-07-19 18:33:51 Dell Begins Accepting Bitcoin on Its Website

Michael Dell announced via Twitter that his eponymous company will start accepting bitcoin on the company's website. For Dell, it's a chance to reach out to a hip, tech-savvy customer base. For bitcoin, it's one of the clearest signs yet of mainstream acceptance.


2014-07-18 19:27:13 New Google Disclosures Show Strength of Own Websites

Google revealed new details about its advertising business on Thursday that highlighted the strength of its own websites, such as google.com and youtube.com, compared with other sites where it places ads.


2014-07-18 14:47:19 Data jockeys tackle the chaos of severe weather

At the national Storm Prediction Center, meteorologists work non-stop to forecast the tornadoes and severe thunderstorms that plague the U.S. CNET Road Trip stopped by to visit.


2014-07-18 13:20:35 An electric plane and Boeing's Dreamliner star at Farnborough (photos)

We popped along to the UK's gigantic Farnborough Airshow to take a look at an electric plane, the new Boeing 787-9, the Eurofighter Typhoon and plenty more besides.


2014-07-18 12:59:18 MIT may have just solved all your data center network lag issues

A group of MIT researchers say they've invented a new technology that should all but eliminate queue length in data center networking. The technology will be fully described in a paper presented at the annual conference of the ACM Special Interest Group on Data Communication. According to MIT, the paper will detail a system -- dubbed Fastpass -- that uses a centralized arbiter to analyze network traffic holistically and make routing decisions based on that analysis, in contrast to the more decentralized protocols common today.


2014-07-18 12:25:21 Under Pressure, Twitter Tries to Resize

Twitter is expected to unveil as many as four new metrics later this month that it hopes will illustrate its reach beyond the 255 million users that log in at least once a month, according to people familiar with the matter.


2014-07-18 10:38:45 N.Y. Proposes Licensing Plan for Bitcoin Businesses

New York's top financial regulator proposed the toughest restrictions on bitcoin companies to date, unveiling a plan that would require firms dealing in virtual currencies to hold certain levels of capital, hire compliance officers and obtain special licenses.


2014-07-18 03:45:43 EU to Meet Tech Giants on Privacy

European Union privacy watchdogs are raising concerns about Google's implementation of the bloc's new "right to be forgotten" rule ahead of a meeting with search engines next week.


2014-07-18 03:29:53 Snowden Says Drop Dropbox, Use SpiderOak

Edward Snowden singled out cloud-storage provider Dropbox for lacking security measures he says would protect users from government snooping. He then plugged smaller competitor SpiderOak, which he says does.


2014-07-18 02:48:07 Big Companies Delay Using the Cloud

Many big companies are in no rush to make the switch to the cloud, particularly when it comes to the applications that manage key parts of their businesses.


2014-07-18 02:34:01 New Chrome beta sharpens text on Windows

The newly released Chrome 37 Beta addresses a user request almost as old as Chrome itself, and is a step forward for Web security.


2014-07-18 00:58:16 MyRoll brings brains to smartphone photo albums

Using smart algorithms that parse and organize your photo library, MyRoll is less a storage destination and more of an improved way to experience your memories.


2014-07-18 00:53:34 Twitter Inches Closer to E-Commerce With CardSpring Deal

To get its commerce initiative off the ground, Twitter went shopping.


2014-07-18 00:02:51 Coming Soon to Social Media: Click to Buy Now

Twitter and Facebook, which are fighting for the attention of social media users and advertisers, both announced baby steps into the world of e-commerce on Thursday.


2014-07-17 23:19:20 In-flight Media Rivals Take Divergent Paths

As airlines increase spending on in-flight entertainment, the two major providers of such onboard systems are revving up competition through divergent strategies.


2014-07-17 22:26:18 Stylish Purses Double as Phone Chargers

As wearable technology catches on including items such as purses with built-in phone chargers, one of the problems manufacturers face is simply being able to keep up with demand.


2014-07-17 16:30:47
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