What's happening in the US - October 30 2014
Axelle Lemaire: Big U.S. Tech Companies Need to 'Adapt'

European governments are discussing ways to rein in the growing market clout of big U.S. tech companies, said Axelle Lemaire, the French deputy minister for digital affairs.


2014-10-29 08:36:43 Ex-Googler Sees Opportunity as Credit Cards Lose the Magnetic Stripe

In the coming year, Americans will ditch their old magnetic-stripe credit and debit cards for new plastic embedded with chip-and-pin technology. To Osama Bedier, former head of Google's Wallet mobile payment business, the shift is a once-in-a-lifetime opening.


2014-10-29 07:30:04 F.C.C. Proposal Would Allow á la Carte Internet Video Services

The proposal by Tom Wheeler, the F.C.C. chairman, would allow some so-called over-the-top online video providers to carry cable and local broadcast stations, provided they could agree on financial terms.


2014-10-29 04:06:22 Thiel: When It Comes to Tech, U.S. Government Is in the 'Middle Ages'

According to Peter Thiel, fewer than 35 of 535 members of Congress have backgrounds in science or technology. “It’s very hard to get reasonable science, reasonable technology policy,” he said.


2014-10-29 01:39:19 Facebook’s Results in Six Charts

Another big quarter for Facebook is in the books. The social-networking giant's quarterly profit nearly doubled from a year earlier, driven once again by strong advertising growth, particularly on mobile devices. Here's a look at the results, in six charts.


2014-10-28 21:05:08 Meet the Team Behind Google X’s Bet to Detect Cancer

Google’s research lab, Google X, is making a big bet on something tiny: nanoparticles that it hopes will patrol the body for early signs of killers like cancer and heart disease.


2014-10-28 19:38:37 New Twitter Metrics Could Be Welcome Sight for Investors

Twitter's shares are getting slammed on Tuesday, in part because of a disconnect between company executives and Wall Street over how to measure the social media service.


2014-10-28 17:57:08 Report Analyzes Extent of Data Breaches in California

The majority of breaches in California — 53 percent — were because of malware and hacking, while a smaller number, 26 percent, was attributed to the physical loss of a computer or device, according to Kamala D. Harris, California's attorney general.


2014-10-28 17:00:39 Twitter Reports Weak User Growth, Outlook

Twitter’s third-quarter revenue more than doubled, and the company continued its streak of adding users, but the pace slowed and the messaging service issued lackluster revenue guidance.


2014-10-28 13:00:59 My three favorite Windows laptop alternatives

No, one of them isn't a Mac. This is the Cheapskate, after all.


2014-10-28 12:46:37 Newest Workers for Lowe's: Robots

Lowe’s is introducing robotic shopping assistants at an Orchard Supply Hardware store in San Jose, Calif., in late November. Lowe’s says this is the first retail robot of its kind in the U.S.


2014-10-28 04:31:22 Apple caught in feud between merchants, credit cards

Consumers will decide which mobile payments system will win out.


2014-10-28 04:00:03 Apple’s Next Chapter: A Q&A With Tim Cook – Recap

Apple CEO Tim Cook took the stage at the WSJD Live conference for a conversation with Journal editor in chief Gerard Baker about Apple's future.


2014-10-28 03:59:39 A Wikipedia monument? It's true (we're pretty sure)

Slubice, Poland, now hosts a monument honoring contributors to the free online encyclopedia. If you can't go see it for yourself, you can read all about it on Wikipedia.


2014-10-28 01:49:13 How to Fix the Work/Life Imbalance

Smartphones have made it more difficult than ever for people to separate their jobs from the rest of their lives. It doesn’t have to be that way.


2014-10-27 22:20:16 ZTE sticks with direct-to-US consumer strategy for Nubia line

CEO of ZTE's US business tells CNET he prefers the unlocked route for the company's high-end line of smartphones because a carrier partnership means more compromises.


2014-10-27 21:23:16 Stay connected without a connection?

Meet the tools that let you transfer files and send messages on your smartphone without the Internet.


2014-10-27 06:19:23 A Buyer's Guide to Business Computers (It's Getting Personal)

More companies are tailoring their computer purchases to individual workers’ needs, and in some cases letting the employees themselves choose.


2014-10-27 04:42:49 Do You Know What Apps Your Employees Use?

Companies are seeking a balance between data security and letting employees use the cloud-based software they need to do their jobs.


2014-10-27 04:42:42 Taxes on Information Technologies Threatening Economic Growth, Report Says

Especially in developing countries, high taxes on information and communication technologies are slowing corporate productivity and e-commerce, the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation said.


2014-10-27 04:01:51 Twitpic links, photo archive will 'stay alive' due to deal with Twitter

The popular service for sharing photos on Twitter is set to close today, but its founder says the Twitpic domain and photo archive have been "given" to Twitter, so photos and links will be around awhile.


2014-10-26 00:52:46 Got a new iPad and want to switch carriers? Turns out it's not so easy

So much for a universal Apple SIM. AT&T and T-Mobile both lock down new iPad SIM cards in their stores. The difference is a T-Mobile iPad purchased at an Apple store will remain open.


2014-10-25 23:26:48 The Robot in the Cloud: A Conversation With Ken Goldberg

Robots are going to get smarter and more capable, fast, according to a leading researcher in the field. The reason: Whatever one robot encounters and learns about the world can be sent to the cloud and mixed with what all the other robots find.


2014-10-25 20:10:11 Vimeo tech chief takes on 'terrifying' online video challenges (Q&A)

Andrew Pile has to make sure his service works with everything from phones to smart TVs, even as video-streaming technology constantly changes.


2014-10-25 12:00:03 Two Carriers Are Fined by FCC Over Data Security

The FCC fined two phone carriers a total of $10 million, claiming the companies failed to protect the personal information of its customers.


2014-10-24 19:48:47 Will Free Data Become The Next Free Shipping?

Services that offer users data or pay data costs for visiting websites, signing up for free trials or watching movie trailers from smartphones or tablets are gaining traction.


2014-10-24 12:31:59 Apple's Ex-Retail Chief Readies Service for Web Shoppers

Ron Johnson, who helped build Apple’s successful retail stores before a troubled stint as J.C. Penney CEO, is readying a well-funded startup that aims to help online shoppers find the right products.


2014-10-24 04:15:35 Uncool Microsoft Is Hot Once Again

Microsoft’s sales continue to defy expectations by growing at a much faster clip than those of its business-technology peers.


2014-10-24 03:50:17 Ello Raises $5.5 Million for Social Network, Promises No Ads or Selling User Data

The startup filed to be a public benefit corporation, a designation that bakes specific operating principles and guidelines into the company’s legal charter.


2014-10-23 23:43:43 Microsoft Q1 profit falls 13 percent, weighed down by Nokia unit

In its second quarter after acquiring Nokia, Microsoft is paying the price for layoffs even as its other divisions continue to grow.


2014-10-23 23:39:51
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