What's happening in the US - August 2 2014
Most USB thumb drives can be reprogrammed to infect computers

Most USB devices have a fundamental security weakness that can be exploited to infect computers with malware in a way that cannot easily be prevented or detected, security researchers found. The problem is that the majority of USB thumb drives, and likely other USB peripherals available on the market, do not protect their firmware -- the software that runs on the microcontroller inside them, said Karsten Nohl, the founder and chief scientist of Berlin-based Security Research Labs.


2014-08-01 12:44:38 CIA Says It Spied on Senate Computers

CIA agents spied on computers used by a Senate panel probing the agency's interrogation program, an internal CIA report found.


2014-08-01 11:03:46 Daily Report: Alibaba Pours Big Money Into Some American Tech Companies

The Chinese retail giant has made a half-dozen major investments in American start-ups over the last year, focusing on mobile and e-commerce.


2014-08-01 11:02:31 LinkedIn's Growth Accelerates

LinkedIn's growth unexpectedly accelerated in the second quarter, as the professional social network announced a new push to target sales teams.


2014-08-01 03:43:20 eBay has more female workers than other tech giants

The e-commerce company has more than doubled the number of women in leadership roles over the past three years, but it still has some work to do on racial diversity.


2014-08-01 02:34:54 Canada Agency Beefs Up Security After Cyberattack

The Canadian agency targeted by an alleged Chinese-backed cyberattack said it has taken additional steps to protect its internal information, although it could be weeks or months before it is able to resume business activities.


2014-08-01 00:28:53 HP gives OpenVMS new life

Hewlett-Packard has changed its direction on OpenVMS. Instead of pushing its users off the system, it has licensed OpenVMS to a new firm that plans to develop ports to the latest Itanium chips and is promising eventual support for x86 processors.


2014-07-31 19:37:48 Google Details Problems With Handling Right to Be Forgotten Requests

Google said that the company often had to rely only on information provided by the submitters, and that it struggled to decide whether the requests complied with Europe’s recent ruling.


2014-07-31 18:22:26 No patch yet for zero day in Symantec Endpoint Protection software driver

A zero-day flaw in a software driver in Symantec's widely used Endpoint Protection product may be tricky to fix. The flaw is contained in the Application and Device Control driver, which is in Endpoint Protection versions 11.x and 12.x, the security company wrote in an advisory on Wednesday.


2014-07-31 14:08:53 Oracle-based system for U.S. visas still glitchy after software update

There's no immediate end in sight to trouble that has hit the U.S. State Department's computer system for processing visa applications and caused problems for thousands of people worldwide. "We're still working on it," said State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf, who declined to give an estimate for when it might return to full service.


2014-07-31 14:05:13 Google makes Hangouts more enterprise friendly

Google is looking to make your work day a bit more social and is taking its Google Hangouts into the business arena. The company is trying to make it easier for enterprises to use Hangouts for face-to-face, if not in-person, meetings, according to Clay Bavor, vice president of product management for Google Apps.


2014-07-31 13:05:21 Many antivirus products are riddled with security flaws

It's generally accepted that antivirus programs provide a necessary protection layer, but organizations should audit such products before deploying them on their systems because many of them contain serious vulnerabilities, a researcher warned. According to Joxean Koret, a researcher at Singapore security firm Coseinc, antivirus programs are as vulnerable to attacks as the applications they're trying to protect and expose a large attack surface that can make computers even more vulnerable.


2014-07-31 12:09:25 T-Mobile Q2 profit jumps as customer growth pops again

T-Mobile's customer base surpassed the 50 million mark as aggressive promotions once again stoked growth. Its profit was helped by a gain from a spectrum licensing deal.


2014-07-31 12:06:43 Daily Report: Checking In From Home Is a Boon for Hackers

A report provides insight into what American companies are up against as hackers continue to find ways into computer networks without tripping security systems.


2014-07-31 12:05:34 Yelp Reports First Profit Since IPO

Yelp reports its first profit as a public company, but concerns linger about the number of businesses added by the business-review website.


2014-07-31 11:38:42 Smartphone Users in Tokyo Pay Less Than New York, London

New Yorkers are paying the highest monthly fee for their smartphone use out of seven global cities while Tokyo ranks in the middle of the pack, according to a survey by Japan's Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.


2014-07-31 05:22:29 Which wearable will be the next big thing?

With a host of new fitness trackers, smartwatches, and other computer-enabled gear expected on the market soon, analytics firm First Insight forecasts which ones will become big sellers.


2014-07-31 03:00:06 Google Will Add Ratings to Search-Results Ads So They Look More Like Amazon

Google is prodding merchants to provide more information to make its search results more effective--and more like Amazon. The question is whether merchants will play ball.


2014-07-30 13:32:51 Oracle hits back at ex-employee's claims over in-memory database option

Oracle has responded to a former employee's claim that a new in-memory processing option is turned on by default with the latest release of Database 12c, insisting that the process of enabling it requires a series of deliberate steps.


2014-07-30 11:52:12 Microsoft comes clean on 'weird things' in Windows Server 2012 R2, Server 2003

I hesitate to use the terms "Microsoft" and "clear" in the same sentence, but you should see


2014-07-30 11:00:00 #HowManyIsTooMany? Tallying Up One Day’s Worth of Hashtags

Hashtags are so popular now that companies include these clever (and often not-so-clever) tools in their ads, but they try to make up their own trending topics as well. Is anyone actually quipping on Twitter about company-promoted hashtags? Erica Phillips tried to find out.


2014-07-30 01:03:46 Twitter's users and usage grow, investors cheer

Twitter reports revenue and profit above analyst expectations, but the company also shows that more people were on the social network and using it longer.


2014-07-29 23:28:40 Privacy Consortium Urges Regulators to Block Facebook's New Ad Policy

A international consortium of consumer privacy groups is urging regulators in the U.S. and the European Union to prevent Facebook from tapping its users' Internet browsing histories to target ads.


2014-07-29 19:25:20 Microsoft, IBM make gains against Amazon in cloud services

Microsoft and IBM are gaining momentum in the cloud infrastructure services market, putting pressure on Amazon and outpacing rival Google, according to a new study. While Amazon, the cloud market leader, retained its position, it can no longer claim to be bigger than its closest four competitors combined, noted a report from analyst firm Synergy Research Group.


2014-07-29 18:34:40 Mobile devices to get faster LP-DDR4 memory next year

Thanks to the rise of mobile gaming and 4K video, LP-DDR4 memory will reach smartphones and tablets close to two years earlier than expected, an analyst said. The first mobile devices with LP-DDR4 will arrive next year, and the technology will go mainstream in 2016, said Mike Howard, a senior principal analyst at IHS.[ Keep up on the day's tech news headlines with InfoWorld's Today's Headlines: Wrap Up newsletter. ]


2014-07-29 12:08:05 China Investigates Microsoft

Microsoft said it is under investigation in China, in the latest challenge in what has proved to be a difficult market for the company.


2014-07-29 05:13:50 Apple Looks to More Content Acquisitions

Apple, looking to bolster its content offerings through acquisitions, bought a book-recommendation start-up and is in talks for a music app.


2014-07-29 01:53:02 Getting started with Amazon Firefly

The Fire Phone is a portable point-of-sale system for the Amazon faithful due to its Firefly feature.


2014-07-28 23:39:28 Hardware Startup Birdi Seeded to Build a Better Smoke Alarm

Jason Calacanis and Kapor Capital are among the investors in a smart home device startup called Birdi that's making current smoke alarms look primitive.


2014-07-28 19:30:58 CIOs Benefit as Amazon Faces Rivals in the Cloud

Amazon’s command of the cloud market is under siege by a host of large and small rivals.


2014-07-28 13:22:28
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