What's happening in the US - November 27 2015
Alibaba Profit Down, Revenue Up

Alibaba, in its first report as a listed company, said earnings plunged after handing out stock awards to employees but stressed that its e-commerce operations are still growing strongly.


2014-11-04 13:38:18 Daily Report: Hotels Try Smartphone Apps as Room Keys

In a bid to help harried travelers save time at check-in, a number of major brands are experimenting with letting guests use their phones to unlock their rooms.


2014-11-04 11:51:51 Google Renews Its Cloud Efforts

Google is making a renewed effort to catch Amazon. At a conference on Tuesday, Google will highlight new offerings that make it easier for customers to set up so-called cloud services more quickly.


2014-11-04 02:47:22 Sprint returns to customer growth amid loss; plans to cut 2,000 jobs

First quarter for new CEO Marcelo Claure was a rocky one, with growth largely driven by the carrier's wholesale business, but there were signs of progress.


2014-11-03 23:25:22 British spy agency demands more help from tech titans

Following US government counterparts, the new head of Britain's Government Communications Headquarters criticizes tech firms for permitting terrorists to use their services.


2014-11-03 22:48:17 Mozilla courts influential coders with special-purpose Firefox

Firefox got its first boost when Web programmers flocked to it a decade ago. Now Mozilla is trying that strategy afresh with a coder-focused version of the browser.


2014-11-03 22:16:13 Where the World of Global Technology Is Headed

At The Wall Street Journal’s WSJ.D Live conference, leaders from around the globe talked about where the technology world is headed, and how it’s likely to get there.


2014-11-03 14:25:06 Welcome to CNET Magazine

For nearly 20 years, CNET has told the stories of technology and the people behind it with our groundbreaking website. Now we're bringing those stories to you in a new medium--print.


2014-11-03 14:00:03 Near-infrared device makes veins easier to find

A handheld near-infrared scanner can be used to locate veins in patients and blood donors by mapping them onto the skin.


2014-11-03 03:46:44 Branson on Virgin Galactic crash: 'Space flight is hard -- but worth it'

As the National Transportation Safety Board takes the lead role in investigating the crash of SpaceShipTwo, Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson says the space-tourism venture would still "love to finish what we started."


2014-11-02 17:36:38 Monster Moves to Restore a Faded Job Search Brand

Monster, which revolutionized online job hunting in the 1990s, is trying to reinvent itself for the era of Twitter and Facebook with new products that capitalize on social media.


2014-11-02 11:00:31 Windows 8.1 picks up steam as consumers adopt latest update

The share of PCs running on Microsoft's latest operating system jumps in October.


2014-11-01 19:58:52 Apple 'iPad Pro' may have smaller screen than thought, be thin as iPhone

A new rumor says the widely expected larger iPad may have a 12.2-inch display rather than the earlier rumored 12.9, and that it'll be slightly thicker than the iPad Air 2.


2014-11-01 17:35:28 Google’s Expected $100 Billion Cash Pile Prompts Call for Dividend

By the end of 2016, Google will have more than $100 billion in cash and cash-like securities, much of it earning less than 1% a year, according to top-ranked Wall Street analyst Carlos Kirjner.


2014-11-01 14:00:26 Sign-language translator uses gesture-sensing technology

A team of deaf entrepreneurs is developing software to bridge the communication gap between hearing and hearing-impaired people.


2014-11-01 00:04:01 The Internet Archive, Trying to Encompass All Creation

The Internet Archive has 12 million items in its digital collection. Under expansion plans announced this week, that is merely the beginning.


2014-10-31 20:01:09 Amazon, Like Other Tech Firms, Largely Male and White

Following other technology firms, Amazon.com released statistics showing its workforce is largely male and white, particularly in leadership roles.


2014-10-31 19:54:18 Google Retools Its Flu Prediction Engine — After Getting It Wrong

It’s flu season and Google has some news. The search giant is updating Flu Trends, its formula for making weekly predictions of the number of flu cases.


2014-10-31 19:46:53 Former Android Leader Leaving Google

Andy Rubin, co-founder and former leader of Google Inc.’s Android mobile business and the current head of its nascent robotics effort, is leaving the Internet company, the company said Thursday.


2014-10-31 10:14:02 Time Warner Cable Profit Drops

Time Warner Cable CEO Rob Marcus said the regulatory review of the company’s pending merger with Comcast is going ‘somewhat more slowly’ than expected, as TWC reported a drop in third-quarter profit.


2014-10-31 02:41:45 Credit-Card Companies Ride Wave of Electronic Payments

MasterCard and Visa reported strong growth as more consumers ditch cash.


2014-10-31 01:36:41 Apple CEO Tim Cook: ‘I’m Proud to Be Gay’

Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook said he is “proud to be gay,” becoming the most prominent openly gay executive in the business world.


2014-10-31 00:38:48 Microsoft and Nintendo jump into health tech

The Microsoft Band goes beyond fitness tracking and works with Android and iPhones, and Nintendo reveals plans to track your sleep with a bedside gadget.


2014-10-30 20:31:08 'Wasting time on the Internet' is a real Ivy League college class

Finally, all those hours spent noodling around on social media can be harnessed into real college credit at a prestigious institution.


2014-10-30 20:03:48 Google tries injecting new life into browser bookmarks

An extension for Google's Chrome browser called Bookmark Manager embodies the company's effort to make organizing bookmarks better than riffling through a dusty filing cabinet.


2014-10-30 20:01:49 YouTube Now Supports Higher-Quality Videos Playing at 60 FPS

YouTube has upped the ante on supporting higher-quality videos, a boon for videogame fans who like to upload clips of their gameplay.


2014-10-30 19:38:00 Computer Spies Target GE, Siemens

Computer spies targeted control systems made by General Electric and Siemens for water and energy companies since at least 2011, the Department of Homeland Security said Wednesday.


2014-10-30 16:23:47 Axelle Lemaire: Big U.S. Tech Companies Need to 'Adapt'

European governments are discussing ways to rein in the growing market clout of big U.S. tech companies, said Axelle Lemaire, the French deputy minister for digital affairs.


2014-10-29 08:36:43 Ex-Googler Sees Opportunity as Credit Cards Lose the Magnetic Stripe

In the coming year, Americans will ditch their old magnetic-stripe credit and debit cards for new plastic embedded with chip-and-pin technology. To Osama Bedier, former head of Google's Wallet mobile payment business, the shift is a once-in-a-lifetime opening.


2014-10-29 07:30:04 F.C.C. Proposal Would Allow á la Carte Internet Video Services

The proposal by Tom Wheeler, the F.C.C. chairman, would allow some so-called over-the-top online video providers to carry cable and local broadcast stations, provided they could agree on financial terms.


2014-10-29 04:06:22
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