What's happening in the US - August 22 2014
Many Chrome browser extensions do sneaky things

An analysis by security researchers of 48,000 extensions for Google's Chrome browser uncovered many that are used for fraud and data theft -- actions that are mostly undetectable to regular users. The study, due to be presented Thursday at the Usenix Security Symposium in San Diego, forecasts growing security problems around extensions as cyber criminals tap into the rich data contained in Web browsers for profit.


2014-08-20 13:08:05 How far will businesses go to lure developers?

From sign-on bonuses to long-term equity bonus incentives to perks such as paying for the lease on a new Tesla, firms are upping the ante to attract and hire elite software development talent in a tight market. Most of these specialized performance programs are relatively new, says Dice.com President Shravan Goli. Sixteen percent of 700 employers' hiring managers surveyed by Dice noted that such programs were a new addition in 2014, and 26 percent of respondents say similar programs launched in 2013.


2014-08-20 13:04:03 Apple shares close at all-time high weeks before iPhone 6 launch

The stock closed above $100, which marks a record for the electronics giant when accounting for June's 7-for-1 stock split.


2014-08-20 02:26:06 10 Years Later, How Google Search Changed

Google is transforming its business and the notion of online search through a richer offering of information and services that has some advertisers wishing it was still largely a Web index.


2014-08-20 01:36:53 Reconciliation draws closer for Skype-like chat on the Web

Microsoft and Google are converging on a way to bring real-time video and audio chat to the Web, and a new draft standard helps pave the way.


2014-08-19 23:56:46 C++14 is done -- here's what's new

C++14, the newest draft standard for the C++ language, has been approved and is now set to be published later this year.


2014-08-19 19:31:10 VC investors hot for the cloud, mobile, and robots

Venture capital fundraising has picked up steam in the U.S., with cloud computing, mobile technology, and robotics getting solid backing. U.S. technology companies are looking at a strong investment climate with global investor confidence in U.S. companies up significantly for the third year in a row, according to the 2014 Global Venture Capital Confidence Survey released by consulting firm Deloitte & Touche and the National Venture Capital Association, a trade group for the U.S. venture capital industry.


2014-08-19 17:30:58 A Life in Data: Nicholas Felton’s Self-Surveillance

A designer who used to work at Facebook tracked and compiled all of his daily activities for the past year as a sort of art project at the nexus of monitoring and big data.


2014-08-19 14:05:31 Microsoft tweaks SharePoint Online to free up site storage

Microsoft has tweaked the controls in SharePoint Online to let administrators make better use of storage resources allocated to SharePoint websites. The changes seek to make processes more automated, and to add some flexibility in how storage for SharePoint Online is managed within the Office 365 suite.


2014-08-19 12:38:40 Era of Chip Cards Arrives

By the end of next year, half the credit and debit cards in circulation are projected to have an embedded chip, as efforts to boost security are ramped up in the wake of recent data breaches.


2014-08-19 10:45:59 ‘Frameless’ Sharp Smartphones Get Some Buzz

It may not have been the most anticipated cool-gadget launch of the season, but the new smartphones unveiled by Sharp on Monday got some healthy buzz for their unique screen design.


2014-08-19 07:57:50 Hack of hospital chain leads to theft of up to 4.5M users' data

Community Health Systems is targeted in a massive cyberattack leading to stolen Social Security numbers and patient names and addresses. It's believed the attack originated in China.


2014-08-19 01:31:24 Make gifs out of any YouTube video

GifYouTube is a website that allows you to easily edit YouTube videos to make gifs up to 10 seconds long.


2014-08-19 01:24:35 Computer Eyesight Gets a Lot More Accurate

Machines still can't see and identify objects as well as humans, but researchers participating in a contest say error rates have been cut in half over the last year.


2014-08-19 01:01:55 Talking crowdfunding and the age of geeks with Toad the Wet Sprocket

Crave's Eric Mack sat down for a chat with Glen Phillips, lead singer of Toad the Wet Sprocket, about the band's geek pedigree and Kickstarting a new album after 16 years.


2014-08-18 23:56:06 Data Breach Puts Focus on Beefed-Up Card Security

A data breach that hit customers of nearly 1,000 grocery stores around the U.S. is likely to intensify a push by banks and retailers to introduce a new generation of credit cards designed to be more secure.


2014-08-18 13:43:14 IBM Server Sale Passes U.S. Test

IBM said its agreement to sell its low-end server business for $2.3 billion to Lenovo Group has passed the government panel that screens deals with possible national-security implications.


2014-08-18 13:38:51 Daily Report: Information Wrangling is Big Data’s Bottleneck

The analysis of giant data sets promises unique business insights, but much manual effort is still required to prepare the information for parsing.


2014-08-18 10:57:16 Mom creates app so that kids can't ignore her calls

Sharon Standifird got fed up with her kids being kids. So she created "Ignore No More."


2014-08-17 20:00:06 Can Microsoft beat Apple by being rational?

Microsoft's marketing execs believe in the facts, the facts, and the facts. Can this work?


2014-08-17 19:23:56 Inside the 49ers' new tech-rich stadium

On Sunday, the San Francisco 49ers will play their first game at the venue, built in the heart of Silicon Valley.


2014-08-16 20:49:51 Wayfair Plots IPO, Racks Up Loss

Online home-goods retailer Wayfair Inc. plans to raise $350 million in an initial public offering, but disclosed growing losses as expenses pile up, according to a regulatory filing.


2014-08-16 01:29:12 Data Point: That’s a Lot of People to Say They ‘Never’ Unplug

In a recent survey, 70% of U.S. respondents said they unplug from their gadgets once or week or less. Some 43% said they don’t unplug from personal electronics at all.


2014-08-15 21:58:36 Azure cloud services have a rough week

Microsoft's Azure cloud computing platform suffered a series of outages and service disruptions in the past week that affected several products and impacted customers in various parts of the world. Maintaining solid performance and reliability of the Azure infrastructure- and platform-as-a-service cloud tools is key for Microsoft as it battles strong rivals in this market like Amazon and Google.


2014-08-15 19:00:25 Supervalu Reports Data Breach

Supermarket chain Supervalu confirmed that it is investigating a data breach at roughly 200 of its grocery and liquor stores in an incident that also stretched to hundreds of other stores around the country that it recently sold.


2014-08-15 15:26:36 Alibaba Pictures Finds Possible Accounting Flaws

Alibaba's film-production arm said it uncovered possible accounting irregularities and would delay its financial results and suspend trading of its stock.


2014-08-15 14:30:40 Crowdfunding and Venture Funding: More Alike Than You Think

While a potato salad project made crowdfunding look whimsical, recent studies indicate the wisdom of the crowd and the venture capital community is often not that different.


2014-08-15 12:00:53 Swarm of 1,000 Kilobots cooperates like an ant colony

An autonomous team of swarming robots is the first of its kind on such a scale.


2014-08-15 01:46:35 Rimini Street did steal Oracle's intellectual property, judge says

A federal judge has dismissed a defamation claim against Oracle by third-party support vendor Rimini Street, saying Oracle was telling the truth when it accused the company of "massive theft" of its software. "It is undisputed that Rimini engaged in theft of Oracle's intellectual property by repeatedly making multiple copies of Oracle's copyrighted Enterprise Software programs to support its software support service clients," Judge Larry Hicks wrote in a ruling filed on Tuesday in a federal district court in Nevada.


2014-08-15 00:03:52 Tech leaders get soaked in ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Zuckerberg, Nadella, and others join the viral challenge, which was created by Massachusetts resident and ALS patient Pete Frates.


2014-08-14 21:27:10
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